Abnormal Procedures & Techniques

Bomb Threat

Cabin Fire

Controlled Flight Into Terrain (CFIT)

Declaring an Emergency

Desynchronosis (Jet Lag)





Ground Evacuation


Hot Brakes / Wheel Fires

Hot Towers

Hypoxia (original article)

Hypoxia, Slow Onset

Lost Communications


Rapid Depressurization

Spatial Disorientation


Unusual Attitudes / Recovery

Volcanic Ash


Oceanic Abnormal Procedures & Techniques

Oceanic Contingencies

Loss of Long Range Navigation

Loss of RVSM Capability in Oceanic Airspace

Weather Deviation in Oceanic Airspace


Accident Rates


Absolute Authority

Mishap Case Studies

Aeromexico 498 & Piper PA-28 N4891F
(Midair, Situational Awareness, "Big Sky Theory")

AeroPeru 603
(Pitot Static, Situational Awareness)

Airborne Express N827AX
(CFIT, CRM, Lift, Stall Recovery)

Airbus A320-232 D-AXLA
(Functional Check Flights)

Air Algerie 73
(Cabin Fire)

Air Blue ABQ-202
(CRM, Circling Approach, CFIT, Situational Awareness)

Air Canada 143
(Fuel Starvation, CRM, Situational Awareness, Complacency)

Air Canada 797
(Cabin Fire, Situational Awareness)

Air China 129
(Circling Approach, CFIT, Situational Awareness, Stabilized Approach)

Air Florida 90
(Cold Weather Operations, CFIT, CRM, Complacency)

Air France 296
(Fault Tolerance, Complacency)

Air Illinois 710
(Crew Resource Management, Integrity)

Air Midwest 5481
(Maintenance Malpractice)

Air Transat 236
(Fuel Leak, Situational Awareness, Systems Knowledge)

Alaska Airlines 261
(Flight Controls, Aircraft Design, Maintenance, Integrity)

Allegheny Airlines 453
(Call Outs, Crew Resource Management, Stabilized Approaches)

American Airlines 191
(Maintenance Malpractice)

American Airlines 587
(Wing Tip Vortices, Unusual Attitude Recovery, VA, CRM)

American Airlines 1420
(Decision-Making, Stabilized Approach)

Avianca 52
(Fuel Starvation, Situational Awareness, Declaring an Emergency)

(Deck Angle, Complacency)

Beechcraft King Air VH-SKC
(Slow onset hypoxia)

Boeing 737-73V G-EZJK
(Functional Check Flights)

Boeing Model 299

British Airways 5398
(Maintenance Malpractice)

British Midland Airways 092

Cessna 421 N48DL
(Slow onset hypoxia)

China Airlines 611
(Maintenance Malpractice)

CL-604 C-FTBZ Wichita
(Functional Check Flights, Stick and Rudder, Complacency)

Colgan Air 3407
(Panic, Aerodynamic Stall, Complacency, Integrity)

Colgan Air 9446
(Checklist Philosophy, Complacency, Functional Check Flights)

Continental Airlines 1404
(Windshear, panic)

Corporate Airlines 5966
(Non-precision Approach Procedures, Situational Awareness, Complacency)

Crossair 3597
(Instrument Procedures)

(Pilot induced oscillations, Situational Awareness, Fault Tolerance, Maneuvering Speed)

DA-2000 CS-DFE
(Functional Check Flights, brake energy limits)

Delta Air Lines 191
(Windshear, Radar Techniques)

Eastern Air Lines 14
(Landing, Safety > Comfort > Reliability)

Eastern Air Lines 66

El Al 1862
(Asymmetrical Thrust, Declaring an Emergency, Region of Reversed Command)

Executive Airlines N16EJ
(Fuel starvation, Complacency, Crew Resource Management, Decision Making, Situational Awareness)

Eurocopter AS350-B2 N37SH
(Maintenance Malpractice, Fatigue)

Federal Express 647
(Crosswind Landings, Crew Resource Management)

Galaxy Airlines 201
(Crew Resource Management, Situational Awareness)

Gulfstream GIV GMAC Teterboro
(Situational Awareness, Crew Resource Management)

Gulfstream GIV N121JM Bedford
also: Case Study: Bedford
(Discipline, Procedural Noncompliance)

Gulfstream GIV N23AC Palwaukee
(Standardized Procedures, Crew Resource Management, VMCG, Complacency)

Gulfstream GIV N2SA Bukavu, Congo
(Long landing)

Gulfstream GIV N823GA Le Castellet, France

Gulfstream GV N777TY West Palm
(Complacency, Crew Resource Management)

Gulfstream G550 N535GA Appleton
(Complacency, Crew Resource Management, Decision Making)

Gulfstream G650 N652GD
(Functional Check Flights, Angle of Attack, Ground Effect, Integrity)

Helios 522
(Crew Resource Management, Slow Onset Hypoxia)

Japan Air Lines 123
(Maintenance Malpractice)

Japan Air Lines 8054
(Alcohol, Crew Resource Management, Cold Weather Operations, Integrity)

KC-135A 59-1443
(Asymmetrical Thrust, Instructor Limitations)

Lion Air 904
(Missed approach, Crew Resource Management, situational awareness, complacency)

LR-35 N47BA
(Hypoxia, Slow Onset Hypoxia)

LR-45 N279AJ
(Approach Categories, Approach Procedures, Crew Resource Management, Situational Awareness)

LR-60 N999LJ
(Maintenance Malpractice, Underinflated tires, Abort Procedures)

Pakistan International 740
(Cabin Fire)

Pan Am 759

PC-12 N128CM
(Complacency, Situational Awareness)

Pinnacle Airlines 3701
(Panic, Aerodynamic Stall, Complacency)

PSA Airlines 2495
(Aircraft Configuration, V1, Sterile Cockpit, Complacency)

SA Airlink 8911
(Panic, Crew Resource Management)

Socata TBM 700N C-FBKK
(Slow onset hypoxia)

Southwest 1455
(Decision Making, Stabilized Approach)

Swissair 111
(Cabin fire, situational awareness)

Trans World Airlines 2 & United Air Lines 718
(Midair, Big Sky Theory, Situational Awareness)

Trans World Airlines 514
(CFIT, Instrument Procedures, Situational Awareness)

Trans World Airlines 841

Turkish Airlines TK-1951
(Automation, Situational Awareness)

United Airlines 173
(Crew Resource Management, Situational Awareness)

United Airlines 232
(Crew Resource Management, FAA as cause)

United Express 6291
(Aerodynamic stall, crew resource management, panic, stabilized approach)

United Parcel Service (UPS) 1354
(CFIT, fatigue, continuous descent final approach, call outs, stabilized approach)

USAir 1016
(Windshear, spatial disorientation)

USAir 5050
(Aircraft control, CRM, V-1)

Other Mishap Reports

American Airlines 965 (CFIT)

American Airlines 1572 (Instrument Procedures)

American International Airways 808 (Fatigue)

British Airways 9 (Volcanic Ash)

British Airways 38 (Fuel Icing)

C-141 65-9405 & Luftwaffe 74 (Midair)

China Airlines 006 (Desynchronosis)

CL-600 N370V Teterboro (Center of Gravity)

CL-604 EGBB Birmingham (De-ice)

Comair 5191 (Wrong Runway)

Delta Air Lines 9570 (Wingtip Vortices)

DHL 611 & Bashkirskie Avialinii 2937 (Midair)

EMBR-135BJ N600XL and Gol 1907 (Midair)

Federal Express 1478 (Unstable approach / fatigue)

Flash Airlines 604 (Spatial Disorientation)

Flying Tiger Line 66 (Readback)

G-III N85VT Houston (Stabilized Approach)

G-III N303GA Aspen (Call Outs)

G-III VP-BLN France (Duck Under)

IAI-1124 VH-AJP (Decompression)

KC-135R Kyrgyzstan (Aircraft Control)

KLM 867 (Volcanic Ash)

Lufthansa Papa Whiskey (Crew Resource Management, Situational Awareness)

Pakistan International Airlines 740 (Cabin Fire)

Pan Am 160 (Cabin Fire)

South African Airways 295 (Cabin Fire)

Southern Airways 242 (Weather)

Southwest Airlines 1248 (Reverse Thrust)

Sukhoi RRJ-95B (CFIT)

UAL 173 (CRM)

UPS 6 (Cargo Fire)

ValuJet 592 (HAZMAT)

Varig 820 (Cabin fire)

And, with their own section:

Korean Airlines (Several)