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Contract Pilots


We never know when we are going to need another contract pilot so I like to keep a database of the pool out there. If you are looking for contract help, you might want to give one of the following pilots a try. (Click on their names for the resume.)

Castelein, Eric, Pompano Beach, FL

Castrogiovanni, John, Paradise Valley, AZ

Charbonneau, Stephen, Chesterfield, VA

Drake, David, Kingston, MA

Dambrie, Joe, Madison, NJ

Grier, Jim, Boerne, TX

Hodge, Jonas, Clovis, CA

Kern, David, Atlanta, GA

Kunkel, Lewis, Greeneville, TN

Lemelin, Ed, Houston, TX

Marinelli, Mark, Belmont, MA

Mohamad, Souhail, Middle East

Pelletier, Gary, Delray Beach, FL

Pierce, Roger, Queenstown, MD

Schold, Maury, Stafford Springs, CT

Smith, Kelly, Las Vegas, NV

Zollo, Angelo, Hong Kong

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