Eddie Sez:

One of the odd things about the CPDLC approval process is the FAA leaves the checklist up to you but doesn't know enough about data link to really QC yours. At least they missed the collection of errors in ours. Errors? We pretty much submitted the suggested checklist from Gulfstream and only discovered the errors after our first trip with CPDLC.

So develop your own checklist and if you like, here is ours: Data Link Checklist.

  1. CPDLC Preflight Setup

  2. Downlink Oceanic Clearance From DSP (Applies to all except NY Oceanic)

  3. Downlink Oceanic Clearance from NY Oceanic (via CPDLC)

  4. CPDLC Log On

  5. CPDLC Latency Timer

  6. CPDLC Crossing an FIR Boundary

  7. CPDLC Coast Out

  8. CPDLC Crossing an OCA Boundary

  9. Switch CMF (If Data Link Frozen)

  10. Force SATCOM / Disable VHF DATA

  11. Make a SATCOM Short Code Call

  12. Constrain a Satellite

  13. Unconstrain a Satellite

  14. Exit CPDLC and ADS-C Airspace

Book Notes

Portions of this page can be found in the book International Flight Operations, Part IV, Chapter 6.