Battery Fail, from Eddie's notes.

Eddie Sez:

You spend most of your G450 time with the battery doing nothing so no big deal, right? Well, not so fast. Each battery provides you with insurance: two APU starts and 30 minutes of operating time. If something is wrong with the charger and the battery is discharging, I would do everything I could to save the battery. Pull the CB or turn the battery switch off!

What follows comes from the references shown below. Where I think it helpful, I've added my own comments in blue.


You might have a discharging battery amp meter or the following CAS:

Battery Charger Fail, L-R


[G450 Aircraft Operating Manual, §2A-24-30 ¶2.D.]

The batteries should not drain during normal flight operations with the auxiliary hydraulic pump and APU starter off. They stand in reserve to power the DC essential buses if needed. More about this: G450 Systems / Electrical DC Sources / Batteries.


[G450 Airplane Flight Manual, page 03-04-60]

  1. DC Power Synoptic Page . . . SELECT AND CHECK
  2. Verify the affected side (L or R) MN AC BUS is powered.

  3. Associated BATTERIES VOLTS / AMPS . . . CHECK
  4. If reading is abnormal:

  5. Associated Battery Charger CB . . . PULL
  6. After 3 - 5 minutes:

  7. Associated Battery Charger CB . . . CLOSE
  8. If battery does not charge:

  9. Associated Battery Charger CB . . . PULL
  10. If battery is discharging:

  11. Associated MAIN BATTERY . . . OFF
  12. NOTE: If battery power is required, return associated MAIN BATTERY to ON.


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