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Before Landing Checklist

Gulfstream G450 Checklists


AFM Procedure

[G450 Aircraft Flight Manual §2-05-50]


    Figure: Flight Controls Synoptic, from FSI G450 Pilot Training Manual Vol 2, Figure 14-10.

  1. Gear . . . DOWN / 3 GREEN
  2. Repeat after me: "Three green, four in the air." This is critical. You don't want to move to the next step in the checklist until you've ensured all four WOWs are in the air mode.

    Why? See WOW Fail for an explanation of why and GV N777TY for a description of what can happen if you skip this step. Note also that Gulfstream now says the three green lights in the gear handle take priority over what you see in the synoptic. (The three green lights in the gear handle panel are wired directly, the synoptic uses the same switches but they are reported through the MAUs.)

  3. GND SPLR . . . ARMED
  4. The switch light should be illuminated. If you miss this step, your first indication will be a CAS message telling you the ground spoilers are unarmed, but this is easy to miss in the heat of battle. Your next clue will be that the aircraft will not plant itself once the main gear have touched down and the second step will be a sense that braking isn't as good as it usually is.

  5. Brakes / Hydraulics / Brake Accumulator . . . CHECKED / 3000 PSI
  6. Make sure you have the brakes page displayed someplace where both pilots can see it. If you have an Anti-skid Failure or a malfunction requiring Braking Using Emergency Brake, you will need this page in view. You should also take a quick look at the hydraulics synoptics to ensure you have 3000 psi and adequate quantity in both systems.

  7. NO SMOKE . . . ON
  9. Airspeed . . . VREF + 5 KNOTS
  10. I don't wait for the actual speed, I just note the correct speed is bugged. The correct speed should be VREF plus half the steady state wind plus the full gust, but the additive must be at least 5 knots and no more than 20 knots.

  12. Some operators intentionally skip this step, reasoning they want to know if they are having any issues. I select INHIBIT because the book tells me too. But I am on the fence about the technique.

  13. Flight Controls Synoptic Page . . . SELECT


* FSI G450 PTM, FlightSafety International Gulfstream G450 Pilot Training Manual, Volume 2, Aircraft Systems, October 2008

Gulfstream G450 Airplane Flight Manual, Revision 35, April 18, 2013

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