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Engine Failure Below V1

Gulfstream G450 Abnormals



Engine Exceedance, L-R

Engine Fail, L-R

Engine Fire, L-R

Engine Fire Loop Alert, L-R

Engine Hot, L-R

Oil Pressure Low, L-R

Oil Temperature High, L-R

Oil Temperature Low, L-R

Thrust Reverser Unlock, L-R

You might get a CAS message, fire light, noise, vibration, or other indication telling you the engine has failed.


Below V1 you should reject the takeoff.


[G450 AFM, § 4-06-20]

  1. Power Levers . . . IDLE
  2. Maximum Anti-Skid Braking . . . APPLY
  3. Speed Brakes . . . EXTEND
  4. NOTE: Ground spoilers should extend automatically when the power levers are retarded to idle during an aborted takeoff. Extending the speed brakes is required to insure all spoilers are extended.

    NOTE: Any takeoff abort should be a maximum stop effort, regardless of the speed at which it is initiated.

  5. Thrust Reversers . . . AS REQUIRED
  6. NOTE: During a rejected takeoff (RTO) reverse thrust may be used to bring the airplane to a stop (zero ground speed). If reverse thrust is used during a rejected takeoff down to zero ground speed, record the event and report the occurrence for maintenance action.


  7. Tower . . . NOTIFY

  9. Appropriate Abnormal / Emergency Checklist . . . COMPLETE
  10. After Landing Checklist . . . COMPLETE

Stick and Rudder

G450 Rejected Takeoff procedures are specified in the AOM. There are lessons learned over the years you should consider:

  • Once the decision to reject the takeoff has been made, you should stick with it. Once the automatic ground spoilers have gone up and the reversers are unlocked, the chances of being able to successfully continue the takeoff are slim at best.
  • The anti-skid brakes on this airplane are very good. You can push the brake pedals to the floor and get the best braking performance. If you are having directional control problems, however, you might need to back off on the braking.


Gulfstream G450 Airplane Flight Manual, Revision 36, December 5, 2013

Revision: 20120722