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Engine Fire In Flight

Gulfstream G450 Abnormals

If this happens on takeoff before V1, reject the takeoff, and press on with this procedure after you are stopped. If this happens on takeoff after V1, continue the takeoff, get the airplane off the ground, and once above 1,500' press on with this procedure.



The CAS may or may not appear, along with any of the following:




Engine fire loop senses a fire. If the lights in the FIRE handle and FUEL CONTROL switch are illuminated, the fire warning is valid. If the lights are not illuminated, you may have a faulty fire detection loop.


[G-450 AFM, §4-10-10]

    In the event an engine fire warning is annunciated, proceed as follows:

  3. Affected Engine Power Lever ... IDLE
  4. NOTE: The pilots shall agree on the correct (affected) FUEL CONTROL switch prior to placing it in the OFF position, as well as the correct FIRE HANDLE prior to actuating it.

  5. Affected Engine FUEL CONTROL ... OFF
  6. Affected Engine FIRE Handle ... PULL
  8. NOTE: When it is necessary to discharge a fire bottle, ALWAYS use DISCH 1 first.

    If fire warning indications are no longer present:

  10. If fire test / fire detection test is satisfactory, proceed to Step 9. If fire test / fire detection test is not satisfactory or fire warning indications persist for thirty (30) seconds:

  11. Affected Engine FIRE Handle ... ROTATE TO DISCH 2 (TURN TO EXTREME POSITION)
  12. If fire test / fire detection test is satisfactory, or after discharge of fire bottle(s):

  13. Affected Engine BLEED AIR ... OFF
  14. ISOLATION Valve ... OPEN
  15. Affected Engine Generator ... OFF
  16. AUX Pump (If Left Engine is Shut Down) ... ARMED
  17. FGC Selection ... AS REQUIRED
  18. NOTE: Match FGC to operating engine: FGC 1 = Left Engine; FGC 2 = Right Engine.

  19. 14. Fuel Load Balance ... MONITOR / MAINTAIN
  20. NOTE: See Fuel Load Balancing, page EE-23.

  21. TCAS ... TA ONLY
  22. One Engine Inoperative Landing Procedure:

    NOTE: For approach and landing, operation of landing gear, flaps, spoilers, reverser, and brakes should be accomplished as separate events, not simultaneously.

  23. Single Engine Autothrottle ... OFF
  24. AUX Pump ... SELECTED ON
  25. Landing Gear ... DOWN / 3 GREEN
  26. Airspeed ... VREF for 20° FLAPS + 10 KCAS
  27. Ground Spoilers ... ARMED
  28. At Final Approach Fix:

  29. Flaps ... 39°
  30. NOTE: If electing to land at flaps 20°, fly the approach at VREF for flaps 20° +10 knots and select the GPWS GND/SPLR Flap ORIDE to ON. See AFM Section 5, Performance, for landing distance in the flaps 20° configuration.

  31. Airspeed ... VREF for 39° FLAPS +5 KCAS
  32. NOTE: If strong winds are present, add to VREF ½ of the steady state wind plus the full gust to maximum additive of 20 knots.

    After landing:

  33. Operating Engine Thrust Reverser ... AS REQUIRED


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