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Low Cabin Altitude Operations

Gulfstream G450 Abnormals



Figure: Cabin Altitude vs. Differential Pressure, from G450 Airplane Flight Manual, §05-01-20, figure 9.

Cabin Pressure Selector Panel


Photo: Cabin Pressure Selector Panel, from Eddie's aircraft.

[G450 Aircraft Operating Manual, §2A-21-30, ¶2.D.] The CABIN PRESSURE SELECTOR panel is located on the aft right side of the cockpit center pedestal. Panel feature functions are contingent on the mode of operation of the pressurization system:

  • With the pressurization system in the AUTO mode, the CABIN PRESSURE SELECTOR panel digital Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) display FMS and ADS data currently in use by the CPC. The rotary selector knobs are disabled.
  • With the pressurization system in the SEMI mode, the rotary selector knobs are active and are used in conjunction with the LCD displays to enter airplane / cabin altitude, barometric correction, landing field elevation and cabin rate of climb / descent.

In AUTO mode, this panel simply reports to you what the system is doing, based on inputs it gets from the FMS. In SEMI mode, this panel enters the inputs shown, removing the FMS inputs.

Manually Controlling Cabin Altitude


Figure: Cabin Pressure Selector Panel, from G450 Aircraft Operating Manual, §2A-21-00, figure 9.

If you need to keep the cabin altitude at sea level or some other value at or below 26,700 you must select the SEMI mode since AUTO will want to fly at the schedule shown on the diagram at the top of this page. In SEMI mode you can manually dial in the desired cabin altitude in the Cabin Pressure Selector Panel in the right side of the window, the left side will show you the corresponding maximum aircraft altitude. If you've never done this before:

  • Preflight: select SEMI, set departure field altimeter setting in the BARO COR window, select the desired cabin altitude in the right side of the AIRCRAFT / CABIN window.
  • Prior to landing: select LANDING, set landing field elevation and altimeter setting. (Unlike the GIV, the pressurization system should automatically select LANDING mode after you descend 1,000 feet, even in the SEMI mode. But you should keep an eye on it.)


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