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Abnormal Procedures

Gulfstream GVII-G500



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Air Conditioning System

Pack Fail - Single

Pack Fail - Dual

Pack Hot - Single

Pack Hot - Dual

Auxiliary Power Unit

APU Inflight Operation - Alternate Electrical Power Source

APU Generator Failure

APU Shutdown - Essential Mode

Electrical System

Battery or Battery Charger Failure

Electrical Load Shedding

Emergency AC Bus Fault and AC/DC Reset

Essential DC Bus on Battery Power

Generator Overload

Left Main AC Bus Fault

Single Generator Failure

Flight Controls

Landing Controllability Check

Uncommanded Airplane Motion

Runaway Pitch Trim

Runaway Roll Trim

Runaway Yaw Trim

Flight Control Surface in Backup Mode

Flight Control Computer Multiple Channels Fail

Ground Spoilers Fail

Left/Right Aileron Failure

Left/Right Elevator Failure

Flight Control Computer Alternate Mode

Jammed Rudder Pedals

Rudder Failure

Ground Spoilers Failure in Flight

Spoiler Panel Failure

Stabilizer Failure

Sidestick Link Failure

Sidestick Both Passive (Unlinked)

Sidestick Active/Passive (Unlinked)

Flap Asymmetry

Zero Flaps or Partial Flaps Landings

Fuel System

Fuel Pump Failure

Fuel Imbalance

Hydraulic System

Left System Loss of Pressure Only

Right System Loss of Pressure and/or Fluid

Landing Gear and Brakes

Landing Gear Failure to Retract

Unsafe Landing Gear Indication / Landing Gear Failure to Extend

Uncommanded Applied Brake Pressure

Uncommanded Nosewheel Steering


Start Valve Fail Open on Ground

Air Start

Start Valve Fail Open if Flight


Start Valve Fail Open on Ground

Start Valve Fail Open if Flight

Pressurization System

Bleed Air System Failure - Single

Bleed Air System Failure - Dual

Bleed Air Hot - Single

Bleed Air Hot - Dual

Bleed Pressure High - Single

Bleed Pressure High - Dual

Bleed Pressure Low - Single

Bleed Pressure Low - Dual

Unpressurized Flight

CPCS Failure

Unusual Attitude Recovery


Revision: 2019-04-18