Gulfstream GVII

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Why should we have to know these? Because the airplane, be it the CAS or other display, talks to you with these. Rest assured there are more, but these are the ones you need to know to speak GVII.


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The Secret Decoder Ring


AC - Alternating Current

ACC - Air Conditioning Controller

ACP - Audio Control Panel, Air Conditioning Pack

ADS - Air Data System

ADS-B - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast

ADS-C - Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Contract

AGM - Advanced Graphics Module

AHRS - Attitude Heading Reference System

AHTMS - Aircraft Health & Trend Monitoring System

AOC - Aeronautical Operational Communication

AOM - Aircraft Operating Manual

APM - Aircraft Personality Module

APU - Auxiliary Power Unit

ASC - Aircraft Service Change

ASCB - Avionics Standard Communication Bus

ATCAT - Advanced Technology Customer Advisory Team

ATS - Air Traffic Services, Air Turbine Starter

AUX - Auxiliary


BAC - Bleed Air Controller

BAPI - Brake Accumulator Pressure Indicator

BCS - Brake Control System

BCU - Brake Control Unit

BFCU - Backup Flight Control Unit

BITE - Built In Test Equipment

BPCU - Bus Power Control Unit

BPT - Break Power Transfer

BTMS - Brake Temperature Monitoring System

BWI - Bearing Wear Indicator


CA - Consequential Alert

CAS - Crew Alerting System

CAU - Crew Audio Unit

CCD - Cursor Control Device

CFIT - Controlled Flight Into Terrain

CLAWS - Control Laws

CMC - Central Maintenance Computer

CMF - Communication Management Function

CMS - Configuration Management System

COP - Cockpit Overhead Panel

CPAM - Cabin Pressure Acquisition Module

CPCP - Cabin Pressure Control Panel

CPCS - Cabin Pressure Control System

CPDLC - Controller Pilot Datalink Communication

CPI - Cabin Pressure Indicator

POP - Copilot Overhead Panel

CSD - Constant Speed Drive


DC - Direct Current

DCN - Data Concentration Network

DU - Display Unit

DS - Display Screen


E-Batts - Emergency Batteries

EBHA - Electric Backup Hydraulic Actuator

ECM - Electronic Control Module

ECS - Environmental Control System

ECU - Electronic Control Unit

EDM - Emergency Descent Mode

EEC - Electronic Engine Controller

EED - Emergency Exit Door

EGPWS - Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System

EGT - Exhaust Gas Temperature

EICAS - Engine Instruments and Crew Alerting System

EIS - Entry Into Service

EPCP - Electrical Power Control Panel

EPR - Engine Pressure Ratio

EPU - Estimated Position of Uncertainty

ESS - Essential

EVAS - Emergency Vision Assurance System

EVM - Engine Vibration Monitor

EVMS - Engine Vibration Monitoring System

EVS - Enhanced Vision System


FADEC - Full Authority Digital Engine Control

FBW - Fly-By-Wire

FCC - Flight Control Computer

FCOC - Fuel Cooled Oil Cooler

FCS - Flight Control System

FCU - Flush Control Unit

FDCU - Fire Detection Control Unit

FECU - Flap Electronic Control Unit

FGC - Flight Guidance Computer

FLIR - Forward Looking Infrared

FMU - Fuel Metering Unit

FMS - Flight Management System

FPA - Flight Path Angle

FPM - Flight Path Marker

FPV - Flight Path Vector

FQSC - Fuel Quantity Signal Conditioner

FWC - Fault Warning Computer


GCMS - Gulfstream Cabin Management System

GCU - Generator Control Unit

GP - Guidance Panel

GSB - Ground Service Bus

GSCP - Ground Service Control Panel


HCM - Hydraulic Control Module

HFRS - Heated Fuel Return System

HP - High Pressure

HPSOV - High Pressure Shutoff Valve

HSCU - Horizontal Stabilizer Control Unit

HSTA - Horizontal Stabilizer Trim Actuator

HSTS - Horizontal Stabilizer Trim System


IDG - Integrated Drive Generator

IDGSACOC - IDG Surface Air Cooled Oil Cooler

IRS - Inertial Reference System

IRU - Inertial Reference Unit


kVA - Kilovolt-ampere


LCD - Liquid Crystal Display

LED - Light Emitting Diode

LEER - Left Electronic Equipment Rack

LGCU - Landing Gear Control Unit

LP - Low Pressure

LRU - Line Replaceable Unit


MAU - Modular Avionics Unit

MCDU - Multifunction Control Display Unit

MCE - Motor Control Electronics

MCT - Maximum Continuous Thrust

MED - Main Entry Door

MFD - Multifunction Display

MLG - Main Landing Gear

MMCU-Manual Motor Control Unit

MPT - Modular Power Tile

MRC - Modular Radio Cabinet

MWF - Monitor Warning Function


NBPT - No Break Power Transfer

NLG - Nose Landing Gear

NUC - Non-Uniformity Correction

NWS - Nose Wheel Steering


OHPTS - Overhead Panel Touchscreen


PBE - Protective Breathing Equipment

PBSSS - Performance Based Sensor Selection Scheme

PDB - Power Distribution Box

PDU - Power Drive Unit

PFD - Primary Flight Display

PLI - Pitch Limit Indicator

PMA - Permanent Magnetic Alternator

POP - Pilot Overhead Panel

PRV - Pressure Relief Valve

PSI - Pounds per Square Inch

PSID - Pounds per Square Inch Differential

PTT - Push To Talk

PTU - Power Transfer Unit

PWS - Potable Water System


QRH - Quick Reference Handbook


RAAS - Runway Awareness Advisory System

RAT - Ram Air Turbine

RDC - Remote Data Concentrator

REER - Right Electronic Equipment Rack

REU - Remote Electronics Unit

RIU - Remote Interface Unit

RPM - Revolutions Per Minute

RNP - Required Navigation Performance

RVSM - Reduced Vertical Separation Minimums


SAT - Static Air Temperature

SAV - Starter Air Valve

SFD - Standby Flight Display

SMC - Standby Multifunction Controller

SPDS - Secondary Power Distribution System

SPU - Switch Panel Unit

SSEC - Static Source Error Correction

SSPC - Solid State Power Controller

SVS - Synthetic Vision System


TAT - Total Air Temperature

TCAS - Traffic Collision Avoidance System

TGT - Turbine Gas Temperature

TOGA - Take Off / Go Around

TPMS - Tire Pressure Monitoring System

TPMU - Tire Pressure Monitoring Unit

TROV - Thrust Recovery Outflow Valve

TRS - Thrust Reference System

TSC - Touch Screen Controller

TSS - Trim Speed Sync

TRU -Transformer Rectifier Unit


UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply


VGP - Vertical Glide Path

VSD - Vertical Situation Display

VWS - Vacuum Waste System


WGS84 - World Geodetic Survey 1984

WOW - Weight On Wheels