ADS-B In Display Traffic

Gulfstream GVII

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Photo: ADS-B In display example, GVII-G500
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One of my favorite tools in our cockpit is ADS-B In, especially in the traffic pattern. Knowing the heading and relative closures speeds can be very helpful. The problem, as many have discovered, is that it takes more than a few swipes and button presses to get the pertinent information on our displays. So I am getting better at this but a better solution would be to have it set up well in advance. Here is how to do that.

If you want to learn more about this, check the Gulfstream Symmetry Guide, §2B-09-10 and look for "CDTI" which stands for Cockpit Display of Traffic Information. But for now, here is a quick how to guide.

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From a TSC

This is one of those things that is easier from a DU, but here is how to do it from a TSC.

Select "Disp Ctrl"

You can find the Dispay Control page from some of the Phase of Flight pages as a top button or from the main menu. Once you are there you need to hit the "Map Mgmt" button so that it will show "Map Layers" as shown here:


Photo: Display Control DU2 page, Map Layers selected
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Select "Traffic"

The traffic button brings up another page:


Photo: Map Layers button turned on
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Select "Flight ID" and "Trend Vector"

Flight ID will show you who you are up against and the trend vector is the line in front of the traffic symbol. This will also bring up your closure speed the with the triangles pointed at each other for closure and against each other for distancing. You might also want to select "Surf Traffic" if headed to a busy airport where knowing the surface traffic will be of use.


Photo: Map Layers Flight ID and Trend Vector turned on.
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From DU2 or DU3

As with some tasks, it will be easier to just use the CCD to select "Map Data" from the top menu of DU2 or DU3, then "Traffic" and then the desired layers.


Photo: DU2 Map Data, Traffic, Flight ID and Trend Vector selections
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See Also:

Gulfstream Symmetry Flight Deck for the G500 Aircraft, Pilot's Guide, Revision No. 3b. dated April 10/2019