Start Valve Fail Open on Ground

Gulfstream GVII

Eddie sez:

This procedure is greatly simplified: engine an APU bleeds off, fuel control off.

I have heard that the starter valve on this engine can be "exercised" to loosen it up if sticking, or that it can be manually controlled during a start attempt. But I haven't seen the procedure in writing. (Yet.)

Everything here is from the references shown below, with a few comments in an alternate color.

L Start Vlv Fail Open

R Start Vlv Fail Open

L-R Start Vlv Fail Open

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AFM Procedure

[AFM, §03-09-10]

  1. ENG BLEED AIR (Left and Right) . . . OFF

  2. APU BLEED AIR / External Air . . . OFF

  3. Affected Engine . . . Confirm

  4. FUEL CONTROL (Affected Engine) . . . OFF

  5. CAS Message . . . Log for maintenance

Gulfstream GVII-G500 Airplane Flight Manual, Revision 4, August 29, 2019