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We used to do these routinely (for real) in the Air Force tanker and Boeing 707 because, well, we had to. My advice: if you can make it normal do so and fewer people will get hurt. But if you have to do it very quickly, do that and fewer people will get hurt. There is an "Evac" icon on the bottom-right of the index page of the iPad version of your AFM. If you don't see it on the page your are at, hit "Tab Index" to get to the index page.

I find it useful to have the PM open the TROV just prior to landing, dig out the AFM procedure, hand the AFM on the correct page after the airplane comes to a complete stop, and then unstrap and get everyone out of the airplane. The PF brings the airplane to a stop and executes the checklist, ensures everyone is off the airplane, and then leaves.

Where do you evacuate to? Pick a spot on the grass upwind of the airplane. The grass will improve your odds you don't get run over by emergency vehicles, as happened with Asiana Airlines 214.

Everything here is from the references shown below, with a few comments in an alternate color.


Photo: G500 Crash Crew Information, G500 ARFF Presentation
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AFM Procedure

[AFM, §04-19-50]

Corrective Action

  1. PARKING BRAKE . . . Set

  2. FUEL CONTROLS (Left and Right) . . . OFF

  3. FIRE Handles (Left and Right) . . . Pull (solenoid release required)

  4. FIRE Handles (Left and Right) (if required) . . . Rotate fully to DISCH 1 / DISCH 2
  5. Both handles will be rotated in the same direction to access both bottles.


  7. Outflow Valve . . . Full Open (Climb)
  8. Rotate the knob clockwise. You can think of this as either controlling the size of the outflow valve opening (because that is what it does) or the intended cabin altitude (climb), but clockwise on a clock means the numbers go up.


  10. NOTE

    The APU will shut down when the Right Main Battery switch is selected off.

  11. MAIN BATTERIES (Left and Right) . . . OFF

  12. NOTE

    The EMERGENCY POWER system will activate when the MAIN BATTERIES are selected OFF.

  13. Passengers / Crew . . . Evacuate immediately

    1. See Figure 1. Emergency Escape Routes and reference 04-19-30, Emergency Escape Routes.

    2. images

      Photo: Emergency Escape Routes, AFM, §04-19-50, Figure 1.
      Click photo for a larger image

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