Runaway Pitch Trim

Gulfstream GVII

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AFM Procedure

[AFM, §03-13-30]


To view the FCS Synoptic Legend, refer to 03-13-190, FCS Synoptic Legend.


Pressing the BACKUP PITCH switch on the pedestal in the opposite direction of the runaway trim will also stop the pitch trimming motion.

The FCCs will permanently disable a stuck trim switch when the AP DISC / TSS push-button is depressed. The previously stuck trim switch will appear inoperative.

Corrective Action

  1. AP DISC / TSS (either sidestick) . . . PRESS and RELEASE

  2. Affected Trim Switch . . . Identify

  3. Operational Pitch Trim . . . Use

  4. Landing Controllability Check . . . Perform (if required)
    a. Refer to 03-13-10, Landing Controllability Check.

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