Sidestick Link Failure

Gulfstream GVII

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There isn't much here other than the AFM procedure. I'll give this more thought when I get a chance.

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AFM Procedure

[AFM, §03-13-160]

Possible Causes

Both sidesticks are operating in active mode but are unlinked due to loss of communication between sidesticks.


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System Impacts

Roll Trim Backdrive: Not available (Roll Trim remains available).

Corrective Action


    Each flight crew will not “feel” the sidestick inputs being made by the other the flight crew member.

    Pilot recognition will rely on an unexpected airplane response and / or alerting by the Dual Stick Input (caution) CAS message.

  1. Pilot Flying . . . Positively identify pilot flying, and subsequent control transfers

  2. PITCH TRIM . . . Maintain trimmed flight condition

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