Uncommanded Airplane Motion

Gulfstream GVII

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AFM Procedure

[AFM, §03-13-20]

Corrective Action


    The FCCs will permanently disable a stuck trim switch when the AP DISC / TSS push-button is depressed. The previously stuck trim switch will appear inoperative.

  1. AP DISC / TSS (either sidestick) . . . PRESS and RELEASE

  2. If stabilized and trimmed flight cannot be achieved, or if uncommanded motion returns:
    FCS Synoptic . . . Look for uncommanded surface deflection

  3. If uncommanded motion returns, consider using speed brakes, throttles, flaps, or airspeed reduction to counter uncommanded motion:
    Landing Controllability Check . . . Perform (Refer to 03-13-10, Landing Controllability Check)

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