Ground Spoilers Armed

Gulfstream GVII

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Everything here is from the references shown below, with a few comments in an alternate color.

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AFM Procedure

[AFM, §3A-07-20]

Possible Cause

A ground spoiler take off logic fault (in air).

Ground Spoilers Armed (warning)

System Impacts

  • Could deploy in air if engine throttles ae placed in idle and wheels are still spinning at greater than 40 knots.

Corrective Action

  1. POWER LEVERS . . . Do not put to idle

  2. If after takeoff, and the landing gear not up:

    1. PARKING BRAKE . . . Apply slowly to stop wheel spin

    2. PARKING BRAKE . . . Release

    3. If Antiskid Fail (caution) CAS message and Ground Spoilers Fail (U) (caution) CAS message are displayed:

    4. NOTE

      Cycling the INBD and OUTBD BRAKE CTRL circuit breakers may clear the Antiskid Fail (caution) CAS message and restore normal anti-skid operation.

      (1) INBD BRAKE CTRL: POP, D-3 . . . PULL and RESET

      (2) OUTBD BRAKE CTRL: CPOP, D-3 . . . PULL and RESET

  3. LANDING . . . GEAR UP

  4. When the message is no longer displayed:

    1. Flight . . . Continue

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