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I Follow Roads (IFR); The Beginning?

Here is a recollection from General Jimmy Doolittle from one of his early days, flying on loan from the U.S. Army for the Curtis-Wright Corporation in Brazil on July 1, 1928.

[Doolittle, pp. 126-127]

  • I finally saw a railroad and, as pilots have done before and since, dropped down to look at the sign on the side of a station to tell me where I was. The sign read "Mictorio." I climbed back up but couldn't find any such town on the map. I followed the railroad to another station, dropped down again, and saw a sign that said the same thing: "Mictorio."
  • Puzzled that two towns would have the same name, I ignored the railroad and continued on my planned compass course until I eventually found Rio. Later I found out that mictorio was the Portuguese word for "public urinal."


Doolittle, James H., I Could Never Be So Lucky Again, A Bantam Book, New York, NY, September 1991.

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