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Westchester County Airport, NY (KHPN)




Airport Name

Westchester County Airport


Summer: UTC -4 EDT (Summer)

Winter: UTC -5 EST (Winter)



Airport Diagram


Figure: KHPN Airport Diagram, from Eddie's cockpit.

Airport Risk Analysis

There is an ILS to both ends of the longer runway. The shorter runway is well under 5,000 feet and has a PCN low enough to worry about for some airplanes (PC 34/F/B/X/U). More about this: ACN versus PCN.

Noise Considerations

There is a voluntary restraint from flying program from midnight to 6:30 a/m. daily and they do prefer you do not turn base to Runway 34 inside the shoreline. There is more information available at: or call airport management at 914-995-4861.

Class B Considerations


Figure: KJFK Class B, from Jeppesen Airways Manual, page KJFK 10-1B, 19 Jul 13

Arrival Notes


Both ends of Runway 16/34 pose a little bit of a problem for pilots who like to flare the airplane to zero VVI for that magical squeak-squeak of a landing. The runways slope away from you and zero VVI isn't going to cut it. You really ought to consider a different technique: Landing / Nibble a Descent Rate.

Runway 34


Photo: KHPN Runway 34, from Eddie's cockpit.

Video: KHPN ILS Rwy 34 (2015-07-09).

Departure Notes

If the tower is closed the best frequency to contact New York Departure is 126.4. You can also get them at 516-683-2961.

FBO Notes

CAA Approved: Landmark Avition East, 129.60, 914-761-3000.


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