Photo: JAL 8054 Crash Site 1, from NTSB.

Eddie Sez:

What follows are quotes from the relevant regulatory documents, listed below, as well as my comments in blue.

Accident Report


[NTSB AAR-78-7, ¶1.1]


[NTSB AAR-78-7, ¶1.13]

[NTSB AAR-78-7, ¶1.16]

[NTSB AAR-78-7, ¶2]

Probable Cause

[NTSB AAR-78-7, ¶3.2.] The National Transportation Safety Board determines that the probably cause of the accident was a stall that resulted from the pilot's control inputs aggravated by airframe icing while the pilot was under the influence of alcohol. Contributing to the cause of this accident was the failure of the other flightcrew members to prevent the captain from attempting the flight.

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NTSB Aircraft Accident Report, AAR-78-7, Japan Air Lines, Ltd., McDonnell-Douglas, DC-8-62F, JA8054, Anchorage Alaska, January 13, 1977.