Figure: Lateral Navigation Errors, from ICAO Doc 9613, figure ii-a-2-1.

Eddie Sez:

Like the Future Air Navigation System (FANS), the Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) system is a concept of how we ensure our aircraft are where we say they are, when we say they are. The designation is mostly consistent, but not completely. How you qualify and how you prove your qualification is pretty much up to the state. But that approval isn't listed as "PBN" but as the individual levels of compliance, i.e., RNP-4.

What follows are quotes from the relevant regulatory documents, listed below, as well as my comments in blue.

The Concept

[ICAO Doc 9613, ¶1.1.1]

The Navigation Specification

[ICAO Doc 9613, ¶1.2]

[ICAO Doc 9613, ¶1.2.5]

Airworthiness Approval

[ICAO Doc 9613, ¶3.4.2]

You do not get approved for PBN, rather you get approved for each specification. Details here:

Book Notes

Portions of this page can be found in the book International Flight Operations, Part III, Chapter 4.


ICAO Doc 9613 - Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Manual, International Civil Aviation Organization, 2008