Eddie Sez:

We are still debating the EFB Tablet to iPad decision. Well, okay, I am still debating it. The rest of the flight department wants to jump while I am wondering about paying Gulfstream another $4,000 per copy of their software. But until we resolve this, we are still with the tablet computer and here's how we update it.

PlaneBook Software (Not Jeppesen)

When it is time to update the PlaneBook, the primary user will get an update from Gulfstream. From this point, anyone with a MyGulfstream.com account can perform the update:

Hook the PlaneBook to an Internet connection or make a WiFi connection.

Turn the PlaneBook on, make sure it is in PlaneBook (and not Windows) mode.

Select “Utilities” from the menu and the “Check for Updates.”

Select “Set Login” next, do this even if it had been done before because if the last person’s MyGulfstream.com password has changed, your will get a cryptic “unable to download” warning with no other explanation.

Finally, select “Check for Updates” and your download should begin.

Video: PlaneBook Update.

Jeppesen (not PlaneBook Software)

The fastest way to do this is with the two-CD set that comes in the mail every two weeks, but it can also be done via the Internet as with your personal lap top. In either case, make sure you are in Windows mode.