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Stories, I have a few. Most of these have something to do with aviation and might even have links in other parts of the website. But some are here just because they amuse me.

1980 to 1989

The 1980s include my time as a KC-135A copilot; my progress from EC-135J (Boeing 707) copilot, to instructor, to examiner; as well as my time in the E-4B (Boeing 747) as a copilot, aircraft commander, instructor pilot, and functional check pilot.

1990 to 1999

The 1990s include tail end of my Boeing 747 time, "Colonel Charm School," the 89th Airlift Wing, and my time in Germany.

2000 to 2009

My first three civilian jobs, or was it four?

2010 to Present

My latest (and last?) job as a pilot.

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