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Quick . . . which airplane has the longest legacy of combat operations in the United States Air Force and the air forces of several countries throughout the world? In other words, which aircraft has been in operational use in wartime for more years than just about any other ever flown? The first C-130 was delivered in 1956. The first C-130 lost in combat was in 1958, a C-130A shot down over Armenia by four Soviet Mig-17s. The C-130 is still flying combat missions today, 62 years later. The C-130 gets my vote.

So what do I know about the C-130? Not much. I have flown twice in the C-130, both times in the cockpit jumpseat into and out of Sarajevo under hostile fire. More about that: Flight Lessons 4: Leadershp and Command. Fortunately, I know a few people who are C-130 experts and they offer the files shown here.


Photo: C-130H at the "Jedi Transition" on October 2, 2017 (Photo: http://visualapproachimages.com)
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C-130 Reduction in Directional Stability at Low Dynamic Stability at Low Dynamic Pressure and HIgh Power Settings

C-130E Pilot Conversion Notes

C-130H Qualification/Evaluation Guide

C-130H1 Pilot Conversion Notes

C-130H2 Pilot Conversion Notes

C-130H3 Pilot Conversion Notes

Self-Contained Navigation System (SCNS) Pilot Guide

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