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This is just a quick note to say thank you for all the great support over the years and to give you an update on my plans for this website and future writing projects. As my kids often remind me, it is all about me.

The year started well with a fairly busy schedule interrupted by delivery of our new jet. After we flew our first trip the state of Massachusetts shut everything down and that has been pretty much the case ever since. If you have been in a similar situation and are in your forties or fifties, I encourage you to look upon the year as "half time," to use a football phrase. It is a good time to assess your life so far and where you want that life to go during the second half. I suspect that for many of you, the first half was good and there is no reason to change things. Otherwise, change is in order!

Me? I will turn 65 next year and this year has certainly not been half time for me. Much of the "lock down" time has actually been fun in an odd way; it has been a preview into retirement. So I will do that, in terms of the regular flying job. I will have a new job flying airplanes, but the schedule will be greatly reduced to free up time for several large writing projects.

Now that the Flight Lessons series is finally complete, the next few years will be consumed with:

Updating the International Operations Flight Manual, publication planned for Summer 2021. The original is now five years old and a lot has happened in that time. I am going to see if I can issue it in e-book form as well, perhaps in several volumes. (The entire work is larger than most e-book publishers will allow.)

Converting the best parts of www.code7700.com into three volumes:

  • Aviate
  • Navigate
  • Communicate

Each book will be packed with the "meat" of various subjects and I might put a short story at the end of each that brings context to the weightyness of it all.

My objective is to get the best and most useful parts of www.code7700.com into the aviation world and eventually end the website (unless the monkey agrees to take it over) as I try to exit the stage. When? I am guessing a couple of years, maybe three.

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