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If you are flying a G450, G550, or a G650 you are lucky to be flying well designed aircraft, with lots of systems redundancies, and a wealth of information in very complete Airplane Flight and Aircraft Operating Manuals. It can, however, be tough learning and keeping all that knowledge in your head. Fortunately, for you (and me), Ivan Luciani has devoted himself to distilling all that knowledge into easy to digest notes.

You may be wondering about Ivan. He is a G650 pilot with lots of experience in that airplane and the G550. Using the application Noteshelf 2, his system's knowledge, and a deft hand, he produced wonderful notes on the G550 and then the G650. I was always jealous of these notes and hoped one day he would qualify in the G450. Fortunately, a friend of his (and mine) provided the extra expertise. He worked with Steven Foltz to produce notes for us G450 operators that we can call our own.

More about Ivan here: In Box: Ivan. If you would like to thank Ivan, I highly recommend his book, An Aviator's Journey. If you are a corporate pilot, you will find it fascinating. If you are a pilot of any kind or are interested in the craft, you will find it illuminating. I enjoyed it very much.

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Ivan's Notes

The story behind the notes: (From Ivan)

I’ve been writing notes long before an iPad and a stylus made it easier for me to write, retrieve, update and share them. Notes help me learn, and eventually understand, complex subjects. How? By dissecting them into smaller, and easier to understand, parts.

Eddie has been gracious enough to allow me the use of Code7700 as a platform from which to share them with his readers. It is my hope you’ll find them as useful as I have in mastering these phenomenal aircraft. If you think others could potentially benefit from these notes then I encourage you to share them.

Do remember, however, that these personal notes are provided as reference material and are intended for training purposes only. Always refer to the relevant GAC manuals, and other approved materials, when operating the aircraft.

On a final note, your feedback helps me improve these notes and is greatly appreciated. So please keep it coming and thank you in advance.

Happy landings!

Ivan Luciani

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