Memphis International Airport, TN


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KMEM is quite easy, even at night, unless you have to circle. Believe it or not, it is actually easier in the simulator than in the airplane on a moonless night.

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Memphis International Airport, TN


Summer: UTC -5 CDT (Summer)

Winter: UTC -6 CST (Winter)



Airport Diagram


Airport Risk Analysis

Eight runways, eight ILS approaches, fairly easy airport layout.

Noise Considerations


Class B Considerations



Arrival Notes

Runway 18L


Video: KMEM 18L.

Runway 36R

Video: KMEM 36R.

Circling Approach Example: GV into Memphis


Figure: KMEM ILS or Loc Rwy 27, from FAA AL-253, SE-1, 13 Oct 2016 to 10 Nov 2016

First, let's get this straight: you are not going to have to circle at Memphis unless you are in a simulator.  So, just in case you are in a simulator flying a Category C Gulfstream V, here's how to do it.

CLBRN is a radar fix. Preselect the 980' MDA in the altitude select window, fly the localizer inbound. In the GV fully configure to gear and 20° flaps, expect an approach speed around 120 knots. Passing CLBRN select full flaps and V/S -1300. The approach plate hints that dual VOR receivers are good enough to bring you down to 920' after IPEPE but I think you would be better off with radar confirmation of the fix. However you want to do it, if you know you've passed IPEPE, descend to the 920' MDA.


Figure: KMEM Circling, from Eddie's notes.

Once level at the MDA, preselect a 30° right heading. The GV FMS will show distance to end of runway, you cannot turn until 1.7 nm in a category C aircraft. At this point you might also see a railroad track. Turn 30° right and start timing.

The geometry of these runways mean you only need half the offset of a full 180° turn; plan on turning to parallel original course around 30 seconds. You may also see a river, turn just outside.

You should be able to pick up the Runway 18R approach lights. Turn to roll out on course. Because the runway is still 1.5 miles away, you don't need to begin descending until wings level inbound.

The missed approach runs straight out from runway 27. A good technique is to plan going straight out until you've passed the approach end of 27, at that point plan on turning back to 27 and then outbound. Once you've made the turn to 18R final, plan on a full left 270° turn.

Departure Notes


FBO Notes

CAA Approved: Wilson Air Center, 2930 Winchester Rd, Memphis, TN 38118, 901-345-2992, 129.275