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Eddie sez:

"Hey Eddie," I hear now and then, "let's see your paperwork." Fortunately I've never had this request from anyone official so I guess I've been doing okay all these years. But I have to admit my handwriting isn't the best and sometimes crossing the pond I miss a thing or two. But for those of you that asked, here is my paperwork from a trip to Luxembourg.

Yes, some of this is above and beyond what the books say we need. But I want to be able to reconstruct the flight should I be asked. Not because I might make a mistake, but what about the other guy? If the airplane ahead of me or behind me fail to adhere to the Mach number technique and we have a loss of separation, the OCA is going to ask for paperwork from each of us. You should be able to prove you were on speed. What about a sudden change in fuel burn? You may not see that unless you log it. You don't have a lot of options out there, keeping a good record en route could come in handy. Besides, what else you got to do?

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A sample


Figure: Sample Oceanic Plotting Chart (click to download full size version)

  • The plotting chart is shown above. Yes, I didn't plot the NAT tracks, but they were all well north or south of us. The good folks at Rockwell-Collins (Air Routing) gave us a graphic depiction, shown below, and I decided that I would keep that with the plotting chart should I need to divert.
  • The master document is shown below. Note that for each oceanic leg I've logged:
    1. ETA and ATA
    2. Fuel with the delta (plus or minus)
    3. HF frequency either used for position reporting or SELCAL monitoring
    4. A note about how the position report was done: VHF, HF, or CPDLC
    5. Altimeter performance (both primaries and the standby)
    6. FIR boundaries (for CPDLC)
  • The Oceanic Checklist and RVSM/NAV Performance Log

NAT Tracks Sample


Figure: NAT Track Sample (click to download full size version)

Master Document Sample

Oceanic Checklist / RVSM NAV Performance Log Sample

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