Skydrol versus Clean Oil


Eddie sez:

I serviced the aircraft's engine oil through the remote filler in the aft equipment bay and started to put the ladder away when I realized my hands felt a bit slimmy. I checked the ladder and saw that the offending liquid was on the ladder itself. I called the mechanic over and pointed to the liquid which appeared to be clear.

"That's just water," he said. "It is raining out there, after all."

"This liquid is viscous," I said. "It's either oil or skydrol."

He swiped his finger on the ladder, and tasted it. He spat it out and said, "that's skydrol."

"There has to be a better way," I said. So here it is.

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Skydrol vs Clean Oil


Photo: G450 Remote Oil Filler, from Eddie's aircraft.


Photo: Skydrol (left) and clean engine oil right) in paper cups

The best way to tell the difference is to compare them. If you can fill a white paper cup to as little as an 1/8" you can tell. Skydrol is purple and clean oil is clear.


Photo: Skydrol (left) and clean engine oil right) on a sheet of paper

Even if you can't get that much of the suspect fluid, placing a drop on a sheet of white paper can help. In this photo we used plain printer paper, but if you have something that won't absorb the liquid, so much the better.