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Mike hosts a video podcast but isn't always available to record it, so he often asks me to substitute host for him. I do it when I can and the results are usually on the silly side. I try to convey useful information nonetheless.

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I'm not sure where Mike's video podcasts are hosted, but I hear they are quite good. Mike's legal team says we can show the videos we've done for him, and here they are.

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Episode Number: Request Progressive

Show Title: Marshalling

Mike's Status: Stuck in Teterboro

All about: How to marshall and airplane and follow marshalling instructions

Date Released: June 1, 2021

Peter Pilot Principle

Episode Number: Competent + 1

Show Title: Peter Pilot Principle

Mike's Status: Under investigation at EDS Airline

All about: A pilot's level of competence / incompetence

Date Released: September 12, 2020

Oceanic Fuel Planning

Episode Number: 0.15

Show Title: Oceanic Fuel Planning

Mike's Status: Stuck at Falcon 2000 Initial

All about: How much fuel do you really need when going oceanic?

Date Released: January 15, 2020

See also: Fuel Minimums


Episode Number: 22

Show Title: Movies

Mike's Status: Stuck in his parent's basement.

All about: Eddie thinks Mike needs a shot in the arm to reignite his passion for aviation, so he sends him his top ten aviation movies.

Date Released: August 10, 2018

See also: Movies

Under Pressure

Episode Number: 7

Show Title: Under Pressure

Mike's Status: Stuck in Fairbanks, Alaska with blown tires

All about: How do you take care of your aircraft's tires?

Date Released: July 10, 2018

See also: Aircraft Tires


Episode Number: ∞ + 1

Show Title: Criticism

Mike's Status: Undisclosed location in the Midwest

All about: How do you dish out and take criticism?

Date Released: May 10, 2018

See also: Criticism

Careless and Reckless

Episode Number: 91.13

Show Title: Careless and Reckless

Mike's Status: Stuck in prison somewhere for flying too low over a populated area

All about: Careless and reckless operation of aircraft

Date Released: November 23, 2017

See also: Careless and Reckless

Memorize This!

Episode Number: 2.7128

Show Title: Memorize This!

Mike's Status: Savannah (GV Recurrent)

All about: Why we need immediate action items

Date Released: October 15, 2017

See also: Immediate Actions!

See also: