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Eddie sez:

Okay, I said I was going to do this ten years ago, so I am a little late. But I will be retiring from my Gulfstream flight department in April. So where does that leave Code 7700 and everyone who has come to rely on it?

Fear not, we have a plan, most of which is already in place.

For all of you Gulfstream G450, G550, and G650 operators, there is a new website called Code 450 which includes another website called Code 650. There isn't a Code 550 website, but G550 information is included. The site is up and running right now.

For all of you Gulfstream GVII operators, there has been a website called GVII Users Group. The site has been running for a few months now.

For all other non-Gulfstream specific information, all of that will be presented in a new Code 7700 which should unveil in May of this year.

I am very excited that the Gulfstream specific information will live on, thanks to three very talented Gulfstream pilots. (More about them below.) I am also looking forward to continuing my aviation related information in a new version of this website. Thank you very much for your support over the years. Oh yes, "Eddie" as a character will be leaving us at long last. So sign me off as . . .

James Albright

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Code 450

Most of the Gulfstream information on Code 7700 has focused on the G450 because that was what I was flying when I started the website. The nature of that airplane lends itself to expanding discussions about the G550 and G650. I've relied heavily over the years on the expertise of Gulfstream pilots Steven Foltz and Ivan Luciani and they have stepped up to the plate by taking over www.code450.com. If you have used Steven's G450/G550 notes, or any of Ivan's many notes, then you will know that this new website is in good hands.


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GVII Users' Group

When I transitioned to the Gulfstream GVII, the aircraft wasn't yet certified and there wasn't a real collective source of GVII information. I set out to change that with www.gviiusers.com. I never got around to making the website interactive but one of the users had some very good ideas and the skills to make that happen. I am thrilled to announce that G500/G600 pilot Derrick Hodges has stepped up to meet the challenge. If you are a GVII pilot, you have likely already benefited from his notes already published on that site.


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The New Code 7700

Why these changes?

First, since I will no longer be actively flying for a Gulfstream flight department, I won't be as connected to the community and cannot keep up-to-date. Steven, Ivan, and Derrick will do a much better job at all of this.

Second, I feel a need to better organize the mountains of information presented on the website about all things aviation. I plan to do this with a better interface on the website, a YouTube channel with a blog format covering the same information, and a book to go along with all the others I've written.

Third, and finally, I want to have a weekly newsletter that you can subscribe to (free, of course).


I want to have the new website up by May. It is running very well on my personal computer but there are aspects that cannot run until it is on the Internet. So there will be a transition period where the search function and newsletter function will not work until I have all the bugs addressed.

Thank you again for your support over the years. I am looking forward to the challenges ahead!

— James Albright

(Formerly known as "Eddie")


Photo: The new look for Code 7700
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