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Eddie sez:

In the good old days at the 89th we used to joke prior to every weather briefing, "It's not like the forecaster is going to say anything to make us cancel, is it?"

Now, older, wiser, and without the killer military instinct, we believe: "When the going gets tough, we'll just fly tomorrow." But how do you make that decision? Read on . . .

I provide several links to the U.S. resources, which are quite good. But keep in mind there are better options available in several dedicated flight planning Apps as well as weather Apps, some of which are covered here: iPad Applications and Weather Online.

Cartoon: Weather Briefing, from There I was, used in Weather Forecast Products.

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Aviation Forecasts

The page offers:

  • A map of the U.S. with surface winds depicted
  • A map of the U.S. with clouds depicted

Photo: aviation forecast
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The page offers:

  • Current Icing Sigmets
  • Current Icing Aircraft Reports
  • Forecast Icing
  • Freezing Level

Photo: icing forecast
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Prog Charts

The page offers:

  • High Level FL250 - 630, selectable for several worldwide regions
  • Mid Level FL100 - 450, North Atlantic
  • Low Level SFC-240, Continental United States
  • Surface Plot, Continental United States

Photo: surface plot
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The page offers:

  • A graphical depiction of the world which is scrollable and scalable to show where TAFs are available and providing these TAFs with a click of the mouse.
  • Manually selectable TAFs with IDs, available raw or decoded.
  • Regional TAF plots, showing prevailing conditions.
  • TAF boards that show trend information across several categories for a chosen airport.

Photo: TAFs
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Photo: winds/temps forecast
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Aeronautical Information Manual

"There I was..." 25 Years, Bob Stevens, 1992