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Eddie Haskel

Code7700 Grand Poobah

About Eddie

note taker, engineer, pilot

It's all about the learning for the host of Code7700. His need to write everything down started as a freshman engineering student at Purdue University and was only amplified during twenty years as an Air Force pilot. He has been a civilian pilot now for nineteen years. You will recognize him at recurrent. He's the guy in the back of the class cross referencing everything the instructor says against a computerized database of notes.

  1. 1974: Day One
  2. 1979: Eddie's oldest surviving note
  3. 1990: Rule 06 (Where the name "Eddie" comes from)
  4. 2016: "A Day in the Life of Eddie Haskel"

About the Website


Code 7700 is designed for pilots wishing to avoid having to squawk 7700 and to help them for when that day comes. It includes many items specific to flying the Gulfstream G450 but most of the lessons apply to the airlines and military too.


Eddie has been collecting aviation notes for almost 40 years and needs a place to put them. Putting them online forces Eddie to keep the notes relevant and (he hopes) useful. It also gives him a lot of error checking and feedback, which he desperately needs.


Anyone can access the website, you don't even have to log in. The entire endeavor is paid for by book sales. If you are interested in this type of thing, check out: for the latest books. (There are five in total so far.)

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