Hey wait a minute! Why are there advertisements on Code 7700? After more than ten years, have I finally sold out?

— James Albright




In a word: yes. After flying as a professional pilot since 1979, I have finally retired from regular work. I want the website to go on and I need to have it produce enough income to keep the various servers, software companies, and other accounts paid to do that. So, we now have ads.

Let me also say thank you to all our Patreon patrons who have helped defray the costs of the website thus far. Your continued support is appreciated!

As I write this, we are just in our first week of this and I am still tweaking the settings. I had intended to use only aviation-related ads but I found the best providers tailor the ads to the user, so the ads you see are related to the ads you would most likely want to see. Imagine Ron Swanson:

A friend of mine says he learned a little about himself from these ads, it appears he relies heavily on coffee and has been researching something about himself:


Note that the coffee ad interrupted the section, which is something we've put a stop to. So you should only see ads between sections now.

If you think these ads are too distracting, please use the contact link below and let me know. My objective has always been to provide a service to all professional pilots and have done so at my own cost while I was gainfully employed. Now that I am retired, I hope the website will pay for itself. Thanks!