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Aviation is complicated business, and it can be deadly if not undertaken with the right mindset. Our goal here at Code 7700 is to prepare you to avoid the day you will need to Squawk 7700, but if that day ever comes, to prepare you to deal with it competently.

Our Latest Update

My introduction to full motion simulators relied on a video camera which "flew" over a plywood terrain board to complement a mockup of the cockpit with instruments painted onto plywood boards. We called this the "cardboard trainer" and it was only good enough to help us memorize switch positions. My latest simulator includes screens which wrap around the cockpit and the thing that took the place of the cardboard trainer is better than our earlier simulators. If you learn take advantage of these "Flight Training Devices," your simulator training will become easier and more effective.
Technology in Training

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Our Previous Update:

If you've ever taken a language class with the aim of learning to speak a language foreign to you, as well as to understand the language as spoken to you, you will no doubt have learned it is easier said than done. Even two languages that have the same root source, such as German and English, can confound us. What about the written word? Perhaps that is easier.
Translate Written German

Another Previous Update

As a lifelong student, I'm often confronted with the fact that sometimes I don't have the necessary motivation to open the books or plunge through whatever material is presented to me. But unlike "college me," "pilot me" rarely has a choice in the matter. So how do I motivate myself? If you have the same issue, what methods can you employ to make studying something you want to do, not have to do?
Study Methods

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My latest book:

The Brothers Bellum

Three brothers and the last air campaign of the Vietnam War.

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