I used to have over a hundred videos scattered around this website. Used to. They are coming back.

— James Albright




Not all of them. Some of them have a slight problem: they aren't any good. Others have another problem: they have sound tracks of music that I don't have the rights to. So I am working on that.

How? Well, the ones where I still have all the primary source files, I'll just re-edit without the music. Easy. But the others? I may have some work to do.



A GVII flight control primer - Part I

A GVII flight control primer - Part II

A GVII flight control primer - Part III

Chopping the power at 200 feet

Dealing with change

EFVS / Visual Views of an Approach and Landing

G450 EFVS, Tail-Cam, Glareshield-Cam for an approach at minimums

GVII HUD and PFD landing

GVII HUD and PFD takeoff


L-39 Flight: a half Cuban 8

L-39 Flight: a loop

L-39 Flight: a nose high recovery

L-39 Flight: a nose low recovery

L-39 Flight: an Immelmann Turn

L-39 Flight: an overhead pattern

Stuck Mike 22

Stuck Mike: Marshalling signals

Stuck Mike: The Peter Pilot Principle

P-51: A half Cuban 8

P-51: A nose high recovery

P-51: An aileron roll

P-51: An overhead pattern

Three Views of an Approach to Minimums

Translating a menu with Google Translate

Virtual Class