There is no 14 CFR 91 or 14 CFR 135 requirement for any fire coverage at all at the airports these operators use, but some companies have instituted such requirements. Even if you don’t have such a requirement, knowing your aircraft’s Airport Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) code may help you decide between two airports of otherwise equal attractiveness. A G450, for example has a US code of A and an ICAO code of 5. A G550 raises these to a US code of B and an ICAO code of 6.

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United States ARFF

  1. For the purpose of Index determination, air carrier aircraft lengths are grouped as follows:
    1. Index A includes aircraft less than 90 feet in length.
    2. Index B includes aircraft at least 90 feet but less than 126 feet in length.
    3. Index C includes aircraft at least 126 feet but less than 159 feet in length.
    4. Index D includes aircraft at least 159 feet but less than 200 feet in length.
    5. Index E includes aircraft at least 200 feet in length.

Source: 14 CFR 139.315




ICAO Annex 14, Table 9-1


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