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Aviation is complicated business, and it can be deadly if not undertaken with the right mindset. Our goal here at Code 7700 is to prepare you to avoid the day you will need to Squawk 7700, but if that day ever comes, to prepare you to deal with it competently.

Our Latest Update

A few reasons to panic. First, you've been named your flight department's new director of safety and you've never done that before. Now what if your flight department has never had a safety program before? Or, even more concerning, you find out you need an SMS and you don't even know how to spell SMS? Well, panic not. This is all within your grasp. Safety Officer 101

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Our Previous Update:

It seems that there are a lot of pilots out there that believe in the "Big Sky Technique." They think the amount of airspace out there is so wide and vast, and that they are so small, that the chances of hitting another aircraft is too small to worry about. And yet history begs to differ. The update of this often requested article was accompanied on the first day of July with a free PDF download in our weekly newsletter. The Big Sky Theory

Another Previous Update

Sometimes the NTSB gets fixated on the technical parts of an accident and ignore the true cause; this is just such a case. "The operator's decision to allow a flight in an airplane with known, unresolved maintenance discrepancies, and the flight crew's failure to properly configure the airplane in a way that would have allowed the emergency or parking brake systems to stop the airplane during landing." True enough, but that wasn't the cause. Case Study: DA-50 N114TD

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Fly by Wired

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Three brothers and the last air campaign of the Vietnam War.

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