- Photo: Eddie's first approach and landing in his new GVII-G500
Instrument and international procedures, and much more . . .
Photo c/o: Aircare International
When things don't go as planned . . .
Photo from: "Airplane!"
Understanding each other . . .
Photos: Eddie, Larry, Wally, and "The Beav"
There are four of us now . . .
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Flight Lessons 1 through 5

A series of stories that trace the life of "Eddie" from Air Force cadet, to Air Force pilot, to Air Force squadron commander, and then repeats the process as a civilian. Each chapter finishes with a lesson in everything from basic stick and rudder to leadership.

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An Aviator's Journey

The story of an aviator with a passion for aviation as a young boy that took him from Venezuela to Singapore, to Macau and Hong Kong, and everwhere in between.

Journey Around the World

The successful completion of any trip requires meticulous planning, timely preparation, precise execution, and the crew’s ability to anticipate and cope with sudden changes. This book provides a real world example to learn how to do just that.

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International Flight Operations

The International Flight Operations book is in revision, new release due April 1, 2021 (eBook) and June 1, 2021 hardcover.

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