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Aviation is complicated business, and it can be deadly if not undertaken with the right mindset. Our goal here at Code 7700 is to prepare you to avoid the day you will need to Squawk 7700, but if that day ever comes, to prepare you to deal with it competently.

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Old idea 1: "I will abort for anything before V1."
Old idea 2: "At V1, you have 2 seconds to decide."
Both ideas are bad, though the first was the "school solution" for years and the second might have been in your flight manual, provided you were flying something built before 1950. (It was still wrong, but your flight manual might have said it.) Time to check up on the science of V1. The V1 Decision

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Our Previous Update:

For many pilots, the idea of a runway incursion (entering a runway when you shouldn't) or excursion (leaving a runway surface when you shouldn't) is a tragic event that happens to somebody else. We are not at threat, because we are better than that! Yet there are too many pilots out there that find themselves as one of those somebodies. There are solutions, but those solutions are only proven successful when nothing happens. And that is a recipe for complacency.
Runway Incursions / Excursions

Another Previous Update

When it comes to flying the Strategic Lateral Offset Procedure (SLOP), there are three types of pilots: (1) Those that apply SLOP whenever legal to do so, (2) Those who do so only over establish tracks, and (3) Those that never apply SLOP, reasoning the other guy is doing so and that is good enough. After this incident, everyone should be convinced to join the first camp.
Case Study: Challenger 604 D-AMSC

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