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Aviation is complicated business, and it can be deadly if not undertaken with the right mindset. Our goal here at Code 7700 is to prepare you to avoid the day you will need to Squawk 7700, but if that day ever comes, to prepare you to deal with it competently.

Our Latest Update

Many of us in the Northeastern United States have become so well practiced at the art of departing on a day with snow and ice, we can border on complacency. This can be especially problematic for anyone changing aircraft types, since some aircraft have unique procedures that are critically important. So, we cannot hope to produce a “one-size-fits-all” checklist for your next departure in snow. But what follows can serve as a quality control check for the checklist you already have, or the foundation of the checklist you’ve needed all along.
Snow Departure

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Our Previous Update:

We in business aviation have a different view about the privacy of our aircraft and passengers than does the public at large because we recognize privacy as being closely linked to security. We would like to perfectly buffer our passengers’ identities from being associated with aircraft registration numbers, but recognize that anyone on a public airport ramp can rob us of the anonymity. The battle, therefore, is one of minimizing the damage.
Maximizing Privacy in Spite of ADS-B

Another Previous Update

After 43 years of flying I have accumulated about 11,000 hours of total flight time. Compared to my peers who went to the airlines, that isn't much. I feel like much of those 43 years were spent in a battle to remain proficient, even though I was always current. That begs a few questions.
Currency and Proficiency

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My latest book:

The Brothers Bellum

Three brothers and the last air campaign of the Vietnam War.

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