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Aviation is complicated business, and it can be deadly if not undertaken with the right mindset. Our goal here at Code 7700 is to prepare you to avoid the day you will need to Squawk 7700, but if that day ever comes, to prepare you to deal with it competently.

Our Latest Update

I hear regularly from pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and others that they are in a flight department without any Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), they want some, but they have no idea where to begin. Well, I have been there too. We wrote our own SOPs when we stood up our flight department and have given these on request. Well here is a "starter pack" of SOPs to get your started, in case you need them.
SOP Starter Pack

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Our Previous Update:

Back when travel was nearly forbidden, news reports of thousands of COVID-19 deaths daily were prevalent, and most of the world was shut down, having to quarantine after flying to a foreign destination seemed like a small price to pay. At least we were flying. But now, more than two years after it all began, it seems somehow worse having to quarantine in some parts of the world while most of the world is quarantine-free. You may not be as practiced as you once were at this; having a checklist to prepare for quarantine might help.
Quarantine Checklist

Another Previous Update

At heart, everyone involved with aviation is – or should be – interested in solving problems. If propelling wingless humans through the heavens isn’t a problem, after all, what else could be? So we get comfortable with solving problems for a living. But what if we've been doing it wrong. Is there a better way?
Problem Solving: Solution First

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My latest book:

The Brothers Bellum

Three brothers and the last air campaign of the Vietnam War.

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